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Limited availability for
custom orders in 2024
I'm focusing on my fabric design business right now. If you're really serious about booking a custom artwork or publishing project with me in the near future please fill out the contact form and provide as many details as possible. I promise to look over it and reply as soon as I possibly can. 

Digital portrait

I can create personal portraits, tattoo design, book cover, or fantasy portrait for your RPG character. Whether you want a fairy, mermaid, dryad or dragon, I can create an original work of art to your personal specifications and bring your ideas to life.

Want to leave it up to me?... all I'll need from you is a good quality, high resolution digital photograph of your head, neck & shoulders (if you want a portrait likeness) and a deposit to get started. Please read the terms here first.



pencil & watercolour

or pencil & digital Mixed media

Can you create an artwork for me?


I would love to. You should read my custom art info and then contact me with a brief for the work.


Read testimonials from my past clients.





Only portrait

Pencil Drawing on archive qualiy art paper

One Subject/ Fantasy Character Portrait

Simple/Suggested Background


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