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Limited availability for
custom orders in 2024
I'm focusing on my fabric design business right now. If you're really serious about booking a custom artwork or publishing project with me in the near future please fill out the contact form and provide as many details as possible. I promise to look over it and reply as soon as I possibly can. 

Fairy Oracle Cards

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Thankyou for your enthusiastic support of the artwork I created for 'Oracle of the Fairies' Karen Kay's fairy oracle cards, published by Hay House Publishing in 2019. 

Since then, I've had many requests to create artwork for other oracle and tarot decks. I wish I could take them all on and create art every day... unfortunately, the reality is I have to earn money to live and cannot work for free in the hopes that you will one day publish the work. Please make sure you have the backing of a publisher (or you have a realistic artwork budget) before approaching me with your artwork questions and proposals. 

My pricing info page can give you a guide on how much it costs (in both money and time) to create a single custom artwork. 
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price list

I create artwork in many different styles and mediums, including pencil, watercolour and digital mixed media.

Pricing reflects the number of hours I spend working on each piece and all physical artwork prices also include delivery costs for parcels in internationally shippable dimensions. 

Digital artwork is delivered digitally. No physical prints are supplied unless specially requested and printing costs are additional to the custom art price. 

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terms & conditions 

read this before you book a custom artwork


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