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Hi, I'm Lauren. I grew up in the mountains of Upper Orara, NSW Australia where I now live and work as a Graphic Artist, Illustrator and Fabric Designer. Even as a child I loved illustrations that were unique, full of tiny detail and the drama of a great fairy tale with a little bit of whimsy. 


When not drawing or painting, I design and create jewelry, homewares and printed fabrics for my growing handmade business Thistle and Fox. 


I love swimming in the river and exploring the forest which I am very lucky to have so close to my home. I now live in my own art studio, a beautiful 1950's renovated Australian timber cottage.


Ginger Kelly Studio is a one woman show. I run everything, the designing, the production, the marketing, the accounting, the packing and sending out of orders. If you email, your reply will be from me.

There are a few other residents here in my studio, including my terrier dog Toby, a growing collection of house plants and my rabbits Thistle and Pascal.

Media Articles:

Read an interview with Lauren from Focus Magazine online here

Upcoming Events:

2021 Made With Love Markets


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