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FAQ #2

Updated: Jul 10, 2019

How do you create digital illustrations?

Hobbiton, The Shire. Artwork by Ginger Kelly
No, it's not a photo of Hobbiton! This illustration is made from over 100 tiny snippets of stock photos of grass, plants, stone and very old buildings

For digital illustrations, the process is almost exactly the same as a hand drawn illustration except that the paper, pencils and paint I am using are not physical but digital. I use a pressure sensitive graphics tablet (like a 'plugged in' sheet of paper) and a special pen which can act as many art tools, including a pencil, charcoal, paintbrush, airbrush and eraser.

I paint in a computer photo editing program (such as Photoshop) and each illustration begins with a digital canvas or sheet of imaginary paper... to which I add paint, photos, drawing, more paint, more pieces of photos...until the artwork is complete.

“ Time it takes to create an illustration like this:  40-100 + hours.”

The finished artwork is delivered to my clients as an image file (.jpeg or .png) or as a gallery quality print on paper or canvas. Some of my artworks end up on products such as calendars, greeting cards, tote bags and cushions.

Timelapse Creative Process

If you would like to see the painting process from start to finish view the time lapse animations below

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