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Booking a Custom Artwork 

Updated: Jul 10, 2019

What you need to know before you book your portrait

A large and detailed work like this will take longer and therefore cost a little more

Every artwork begins with a blank piece of paper using lots of drawing, painting and a large number of stock photo references that I have either photographed myself or which are made available to artists for unrestricted use with the permission of the photographers.

Most commissioned work takes between 12-16 weeks to complete, depending on number of bookings and the degree of complexity in the desired artwork

Photo manipulation work is based on a good quality reference photo, to which digital paint is added. This type of illustration is more photo realistic and can be highly detailed and colourful. It often takes less time than drawing on paper or painting a canvas as mistakes can be erased quickly and changes to the composition are more flexible.

Drawing style illustrations are started from scratch with a sketch and are worked in graphite or coloured pencils, inks and watercolor. This type of illustration is softer, often has subtle colors and can take over 100 hours to complete a detailed illustration. Revisions are not always possible so your approval of an initial sketch is required.

“ Estimated prices (in AUD) are available for each of the mediums I work in. Go to 'Commissions' page to view my price lists."

Please contact me to discuss your project and I can give you a more accurate estimate depending on the type of artwork you would like me to create for you.

Paypal is my preferred payment option, however, if you are an Australian resident, payment by bank deposit may be arranged. Please contact me to discuss payment options.

A deposit of 50% is required before the work is begun. Remainder may be paid in installments depending on the time frame in which the work is to be completed. You will find a number of deposit options available in my Etsy shop if you would like to confirm your booking immediately.
Full payment is required before the delivery of finalised artwork.
Artwork is delivered via Dropbox link or email attachment for digital files.
Traditional artwork on paper or canvas is shipped via Registered International Australia Post parcel service (includes tracking).

What does the commission price include?

You receive the original completed artwork. This will be posted to you after final payment is received. There is no additional charge for postage. Your artwork will be sent via airmail and will include a tracking number if sent internationally.

Prices do not include any revisions to the final artwork. I will provide an initial sketch which outlines the basic composition and important details of the piece. You can suggest changes or additions at this stage only. When the sketch is approved and agreed upon by both parties, the final artwork will be created.

When contacting me for a price estimate please include as much information as possible about the type of artwork you would like, the number of subjects and important details or visual requirements. This will enable me to supply you with an accurate quote.

Please contact me if you have any questions


Reference Photos

To achieve a photorealistic likeness in the finished artwork I require high resolution digital photographs to use as references or as a base to build the artwork on.

High resolution = 300dpi +, or a sharp, focused digital photo at least 3000 pixels wide or tall.

For drawing style portraits you can send smaller photos or scanned copies of printed photos, though large digital files are best.

You can see examples of some great reference photos here and see how they are put into use in these illustrations

For detailed info about the reference photos I will need in order to create the project you have in mind, please contact me.

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