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Ginger Kelly Studio


Ginger Kelly Studio, the art of fairy tale illustrator Lauren Kelly Small. Illustrations in pencil. Digital paintings. Watercolour. Mixed Media. 


Hand drawn and digitally painted fantasy fairy tale illustrations by Lauren Kelly Small. Original Artwork, Giclée Prints, Limited Editions, Custom Fantasy Portraits, Greeting Cards, Home Decor featuring mermaid, faeries, dryads, water nymphs and unicorns.  Painted in Photoshop with a pressure sensitive graphics tablet and pen, the illustrations of Ginger Kelly Studio are ethereal, dreamlike landscapes and realistic portraits with a touch of magic.

Specializing in custom fantasy portraits in pencil or digital mixed media paintings. Lauren loves to create elaborate photo realistic illustrations inspired by fairy tales, folklore and mythical creatures. Among her favourite subjects are mermaids, unicorns, dryads, water nymphs and other woodland faeries. 

Take a look at Lauren's galleries of pencil drawings and colorful digital mixed media illustrations based on photo stock images, client supplied portraits and imagined fantasy characters portrayed in vivid imaginative detail. 

Lauren lives in Australia and is available for custom art projects. Read the Custom Art section of this website or contact her for more information

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